Whose Pickles?

Hi! I'm a 21yo trans man and an aspiring conservationist. I'm in college for environmental science but work part-time as a barista. I'm super passionate about nature and life! I also love to play TTRPGs and video games, make art and jewelry, listen to podcasts, collect playing cards and books. I'm trying to distance myself from social media, and i figured having a website would be a good way to have an outlet for some things without the pressures that come from social media sites.

I'm currently taking an online coding class to figure out how to make this work, but I do have a little experience with coding video games. Unfortunately coding a video game and coding a website are not the same thing! U___U

i'll set up better ways of contacting me in the future, but for now if you have anything to say leave it on my neocities profile here